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0100000You know that feeling when you are taking a shower, realize your feet are feeling more submerged than usual, and then look down and see that your shower is rapidly filling up with water? This happened to me just recently. Because I dye my hair I tend to lose a little more than usual, which ...

Having Roto-Rooter Come to Our Rescue for Plumbing Problems (ad)

By Kim When you're a parent, three of the scariest words you can hear are "Uh, Oh. MOM!!!!" Accidents and problems happen , especially when you have a home and kids and over the years we've had more than our fair share.

I have been chosen as a Roto-Rooter Ambassador! - Third Stop on the Right

We've all been there. Whether you own or rent your home, I'm sure that you've dealt with plumbing problems, including clogged drains. As a homeowner I've had to deal with my share of pipe problems. Now that I just bought a new house I'm sure that I will be dealing with even more.

Roto-Rooter Products

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Roto-Rooter® and have received free products and compensation for today's post. The opinions are my own. We live in an older home, and as a result, we've been no stranger to plumbing problems! When we first moved in to our home, we attempted to cut off many problems at the pass by converting the plumbing from a septic system to a city sewer system.

Down the Drain

We all know that familiar song. " Call Roto-Rooter, that's the name, and away go troubles down the drain." Roto Rooter has been an American staple in home plumbing repair and maintenance since 1935 and that tune had been stuck in my head since the 70's!

An Introduction to Roto-Rooter - A Girl Rocks Life

MAY 2016 Posted by Stacey Smith | DIY Why do I trust Roto-Rooter to unclog my drain? This post is brought to you in partnership with Roto-Rooter®. I am pleased to announce I was chosen as a Roto-Rooter® Brand Ambassador.

I'm A Roto-Rooter Ambassador!

I am so excited to tell you that I have partnered up with Roto-Rooter as an ambassador! You probably know Roto-Rooter as an in-home plumbing service company. But, did you know that Roto-Rooter also offers a variety of drain and septic system products that you can use yourself at home?

Rotor-Rooter® 101 - Have a Clog? No Problem.

Rotor-Rooter® works fast to penetrate through standing water, deep into the clogs source using its carefully balanced gel formula. Testing has been completed for the full line of Rotor-Rooter® products to show that this brand works up to 50% faster than other brands on the market.