Four DIY Expert Must-Haves

  If you’re using Roto-Rooter chances are you’re a DIY pro. But are you missing these essential yet often overlooked pieces to your collection? The Shop Vac Essential for both wet and dry clean up. Whether you’re sucking up saw dust from your latest project for water from a burst pipe, the shop vac will be your new best friend. Laser Level We feel your pain. Measuring large scale projects, like hanging cabinets or shelves, are tough when you’re trying to mark off an entire wall but a laser level lets you get it done in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the frustration. Cordless Nail Gun We don’t call many things life-changing, but adding this to your stash will change your life. Sure you can manually hammer in every nail. It definitely ups your man score, but nail guns offer power and convenience and when you add the word “cordless,” this is a must. This nail gun allows you to finish projects with a speed and ease you never thought possible. Roto-Rooter We obviously weren’t going to leave this one out! Safe to use in all pipes, septic systems and garbage disposals, Roto-Rooter starts working immediately to remove clogs so you can get back to your next DIY project. Everyone has the standard hammer, screwdriver and wrench, but these will put you over the top when it comes to ease and looking like a pro.