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You know Roto-Rooter® as the #1 Brand in Plumbing Services. Now you can have that same 80 years of expertise in a bottle; introducing the NEW Roto-Rooter Drain Care products; The Strongest National Brand.

Roto-Rooter products have more active ingredients than any other product in the market and the right viscosity to provide the fastest and best-in-category performance, but are safe for all types of pipes and septic systems. When you want professional results, demand Roto-Rooter!



Bathroom sink was very slow draining. I used a zip (snake) without much improvement. I tried a low cost drain cleaner with no noticeable improvement. I tried the Roto-Rooter Max and saw improvement after waiting twenty  minutes. I repeated and waited thirty minutes and the drain is much better.



I've found this product works best if you use it once a month to keep your drains clear. I think you need something a little stronger if the drain is already clogged. It can be used in toilets which is a bonus since most drain cleaners can't. It also smells great!


Roto Rooter Septic System Treatment, 8 doses, does the job at a fraction of the cost. I was using the high priced brand at $6.00 a month. Roto Rooter does the same job at $1.50 a month. I am very pleased with it.